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In Thought

There is a generative energy in the discomfort of the body as it yearns towards spaces which do not readily receive them. Around me are objects and things, unyielding in their physicality, materiality, and nature. I must yield to them, not the other way around.

"In Thought" is a series of works that features photographic materials captured through personal devices of intimate moments within a mere arm's reach.

Series Details

Archival quality inkjet prints on watercolour paper. Custom framing and mounting available. Limited editions of 3 + A/P.

In Thought No 1, 2022

In Thought No 2, 2022

In Thought No 3, 2022

In Thought No 4, 2022

Please contact me for info and availability.

In Thought No 1, 2023. 20" x 20"

No 1
No 2

In Thought No 2, 2023. 20" x 20"


In Thought No 3, 2023. 20" x 20"

No 3
No 4

In Thought No 4, 2023. 20" x 20"

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