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Homecoming (detail), 2022

Digital print on archival watercolour paper

18" x 27"


Memory is powerful, and it reverberates in us, in the earth, and in its waters. Yet time decays and transforms it even as we bear it from the past into the present. Our bodies are the substrate for memory’s longevity even as it changes and adapts to our form—our behaviour, our physique, our Asian-ness, and our queerness. My art-making is, therefore, an imperfect form of retelling. My work reveals my contentions with my own memories—nonlinear, atemporal thoughts that meander and meditate along the erratic threads of experience that connect me and my ancestors to the places we’ve inhabited. Yet, in this way, I hope to reveal truths, meaning, and healing for myself and for those carrying fractured histories.

Featured In

"The Bitten Peach: Decolonizing Queer Asians", a group show curated by Shengyu Cai, in partnership with the Asian Arts and Cultural Trust, and hosted by Manifesto Space.

Series Details

Archival quality inkjet prints on watercolour paper. Custom framing and mounting available. Limited editions of 3 + A/P.

Homecoming, 2022

Toward A Memory, 2022

Stifle, 2022

A Palace for My Forefathers, 2022

Pathfinding, 2022

Please contact me for info and availability.


Homecoming, 2022. 18" x 27"


Toward A Memory, 2022. 18" x 27"

Toward A Memory

Stifle, 2022. 18" x 27"


A Palace for My Forefathers, 2022. 18" x 27"

A Palace for My Forefathers

Pathfinding, 2022. 18" x 27"

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