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Till and Toil (Preview clip), 2023

Two-channel video installation

Memory Games

Been thinking about our rituals and performative engagements with memory for quite some time. How do we sort, process, and share memories with each other?

Featured In

"Expressions of Home", a solo show held at Gallery 881 in Vancouver BC.

Series Details

Till and Toil is a two-channel video. Dinner Table Conversations is a 10-piece set or archival quality inkjet prints on watercolour paper. Custom framing and mounting available. Limited editions of 3 + A/P.

Till and Toil, 2023

Dinner Table Conversations, 2023

Please contact me for info and availability.

Till and Toil (Preview), 2022.

Till and Toil
20230217-_1001254-Pano-Edit web.jpg

Till and Toil, 2022. Two channel video installation at Emily Carr University's Grad Gallery.


Dinner Table Conversations, 2023. Modular installation showing 9 out of 10 prints as exhibited in "Expressions of Home" at Gallery 881, Vancouver BC. 9" x 12" each.

Dinner Table Conversations

Dinner Table Conversations, 2023. Modular installation of all 10 images. 9" x 12" each.

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